General Haulage & Transport

Hallam Express operates a modern domestic haulage and transport fleet.

Haulage options include flats, curtain-sided and refrigerated vehicles. All vehicles are inspected regularly for your safety and security.

Each vehicle ismonitored via TPN Connect to provide you with convenient status updates. Pleasecontact our qualified team for guidance on your specific consignment includingrecommended vehicles.

Bulky Freight

Our partner TPN, provides an XL service for unusual palletised freight on behalf ofHallam Express. TPN XL makes use of daytime hub hours (which are traditionally used mostly atnight). Not only is this method making best use of our hubs, but it also allows for bulky freight to be treated with greater care and attention. By prioritising unusualpalletised freight with its own service, we can provide unique value.

Our dedicated, capacity-managed service with TPN XL can quickly sort and directbulky freight. The Minworth Hub dedicates daytime processing hours to servicing these consignments within designated shipping windows.By optimising Hub processing hours for unusual freight handling, we’re furtherdriving sustainability and efficiency within the transport industry, together with ourpartner TPN.