International Pallet Distribution

Participate in global commerce with International Pallet Distribution to long haul destinations, supported by Gefco Geo-Gateways. We’re working with our partner TPN to incorporate the Gefco network into our platform for international distribution services.

Gefco operates across seven ‘geogateways’ which support additional continents. These gateways cover Russia &1520, North America, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe. As new gateways are added, services will be integrated with
TPN Connect for full tracking and reporting.

TPN XPort is suitable for 1 and 10 pallets for export and still receive the sameservice level as domestic freight. The network currently serves 27 countries, in addition to our domestic network, with guaranteed transit windows.

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Benefits of

Start the request on TPN Connect Track the consignment through the portal

PODs show within 24 hours of the delivery date

Full-service customer support including documentation and clearance from TPN team

Same service standards as domestic freight