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To request a pallet collection, you’ll first need to measure your freight


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What is a pallet collection?

Pallets are flat, often stackable bases for goods transportation. They come in standard sizes. A pallet collection involves booking, transport, sorting and delivery of your goods to your recipient. In previous years, pallets would travel from point A to point B, even if there was back and forth. Now, goods go to a central sorting hub so they can be loaded into a trailer for the last leg of the journey.

As you can imagine, this is more efficient and more eco-friendly. Plus, the shipment is monitored from start to finish by the transport agency and the client. Our partners, TPN, won the pallet network of 2019, so you can be confident your goods are well looked after. And you can always revisit the TPN Connect portal to book further shipments.

How do you prepare a pallet for collection?

First, you’ll need to measure your pallet. Our standard bases are 1.2m by 1.2m, so the only variable is height. You can have goods stacked from .06m to 2.2m and they’ll still fit on a standard pallet. Once you have the sizes of your pallets, you’ll need to input the starting and destination postcodes. This will allow for an accurate quote. Then your consignment and
company details are loaded into the TPN Connect portal for monitoring. Remember, you have options for your load.

How do you prepare a pallet for collection?

First, you’ll want to take your pallet dimensions. A standard pallet is 1.2m by 1.2m, so your base
will need to conform. The height can range from .06m to 2.2m for our fleet. Take the pallet
dimensions and starting and destination postcodes to generate your quote. Once your
consignment and company details are loaded into the TPN Connect portal, you can monitor the
journey. Please choose from one of the following Hallam Express options for your load:

● Full load transport – we can offer significant savings on return transport journeys
● Groupage transport – we can combine several separate consignments travelling to the same destination for reduced fares
● Part-load export – we can store goods domestically and consolidate consignments for export

Secure your goods tightly before our driver’s arrival. Plastic film and straps are the most common ways, but we can assist for a small additional fee. The goods will load onto our lorry via a tail lift. It’s a fairly quick process. Once your goods are collected, the whole journey is tracked via the TPC Connect portal.

For peace of mind, these services always come as standard:

● Start the request on TPN Connect
● Track the consignment through the portal
● Premium scan and weigh technology
● Advanced tracking technology & delivery confirmation
● Trucks equipped with tail-lifts


Trailer (Single Deck)
Trailer (Double Deck)



What happens on delivery?

We operate a kerbside delivery for all pallets. This means your goods are delivered to the nearest flat and hard surface at the destination address. We’ll never leave a parcel on unsteady gravel or behind a locked gate. Your recipient will sign for the parcel and take over ownership of the consignment from that point.

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What if my pallet is oversized?

We have special services for oversized freight. Our partner, TPN offers TPN XL – a dedicated, capacity-managed service for unusual or bulky palletised freight. Innovatively, they have a two-phase system for freight. Standard palletised freight is handled at night and bulky freight is handed during the day by a dedicated team. This gives it the expertise it requires to deliver it within pre-arranged windows.