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To request a pallet delivery UK, you’ll first need to measure your freight


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We’ve been operating in Sheffield for a long time now. As such, we’ve built up a large network of clients and partners. Our headline partner, The Pallet Network, connects us to over 100 other bespoke transport providers in the UK and Ireland. They are all experts of their localities, as we are, and can be trusted to deliver superior service. When you book a pallet delivery with us, you tap into this trusted network.

Previously, operators crossed the country to made point A to point B deliveries. This is wildly fuel-inefficient and costly in wear and tear. Now, the model has evolved. Specialists like Hallam Express own territories. We conduct all our pickups and drop-offs in this area.

When pallets are marked for exterior destinations, they tap into the hub and spoke model. A hub and spoke refers to the transport structure. All pallets are brought into a central depot for processing and routing with the territory owner of their destination postcode. Not only does this save fuel, but it also gets packages delivered quicker – with fewer trips. It’s no wonder TPN was awarded best pallet network in 2019. The model is perfect for the green movement we’re all aspiring to.

Benefits of The Pallet Network

The Pallet Network (TPN) unlocks fast UK and international shipping. With TPN Xport, over 23 countries are new options for growth. By creating a large network, standards are kept consistent. KPIs are monitored via the TPN Connect app for quality assurance. Lastly, large consignments are no longer a problem. TPN XL service allows bulky and oversized freight to go through processing during the day. That way it gets the care and attention it deserves. Working with Hallam Express and TPN is better for the environment and better for your customers.

How should you prepare a pallet for collection?

Before booking your collection, have the start and destination postcodes to hand. You’ll also need your business details. Measure your pallets. They should all be 1.2m by 1.2m for the base and between .6m and 2.2m high. Anything outside of this range can be handled but requires a custom quote. Then, wrap up your pallets securely. If you don’t know how to do this, we can assist for a small fee.

On the day, your driver will collect your consignment using the built-in tail lifts on our curtain-sided lorries. You can then watch the progress of your parcel via the TPN Connect portal. Your consignment will arrive at the central hub for processing. Once loaded on the destination lorry, you can see its arrival time estimate in the portal.

On arrival, your recipient will need to sign for the pallet(s). Once they do, they are now in ownership of the consignment. We’ll deliver to any flat, non-gravel surface available at the property. But we can’t take anything inside or help to unload any goods. It’s a good idea to advise your recipient to bring others to assist them with unloading.


Trailer (Single Deck)
Trailer (Double Deck)



What happens on delivery?

We operate a kerbside delivery for all pallets. This means your goods are delivered to the nearest flat and hard surface at the destination address. We’ll never leave a parcel on unsteady gravel or behind a locked gate. Your recipient will sign for the parcel and take over ownership of the consignment from that point.

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What if my pallet is oversized?

We have special services for oversized freight. Our partner, TPN offers TPN XL – a dedicated, capacity-managed service for unusual or bulky palletised freight. Innovatively, they have a two-phase system for freight. Standard palletised freight is handled at night and bulky freight is handed during the day by a dedicated team. This gives it the expertise it requires to deliver it within pre-arranged windows.