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Who is The Pallet Network?

The Pallet Network is a collection of over 100+ transport companies and nearly 130 depots across the UK and Ireland. They collect from their local postcodes and deliver to two regional hubs near Preston and Northampton. The massive 367,500 sq ft hub -launched January 2014- was joined in 2015 by the northern hub. TPN continually invests and improves the operation to deliver the best in modern transport.

There are over 200 HGV bays, constant CCTV and covered loading areas. These hubs are efficient enough to scale to demand and well-outfitted to ensure good quality. A dual-hub system cuts mileage and service times. It also reduces the overall carbon footprint. The hub can sort around 300,000 pallets per year, so it remains very busy.

In 2019, TPN was awarded the pallet network of the year. Your pallets are in good hands and that’s been certified and recognised. Our state-of-the-art tracking system allows us to maintain high standards and outperform on KPI’s year after year.

What is a hub & spoke model?

Previously, transport was almost entirely A to B. The same lorry that picked up your shipment would deliver it. This was wildly wasteful. Fuel and wear were at an all-time high. At some point, the hub and spoke model was formed. Think of a bike wheel. The middle is the central hub. In transport, all packages travel to and fro on different spokes. This means, one transport company is responsible for collection and delivery in specific postcodes.

This reduces all costs of transport. In fact, the TPN Northern Hub shaves off 200 miles of the journey for each pallet. It’s estimated savings is 1 million miles a year, accounting for full-laden double-deck trailers. So, if your business is going green, you can’t afford to use the transport mechanisms of the past. Hub and spoke is more economical. It’s the transport of the future.

The Pallet Network features

We can manage all bulky and oversized freight via TPN XL. It’s a unique service from TPN that reserves the daytime sorting for bulky freight. Dedicated staff sort your oversized parcels during the day. This is quite efficient and allows for all due care. Unlike with other providers, Hallam Express doesn’t see your bulky or oversized parcels as a hassle.

Ship to 27 countries across Europe and Scandinavia with TPN XPort. Hallam Express, TPN and GEFCO collaborate to offer this comprehensive service. Since we’re working together as one, we can offer the same services and guarantees as with UK-bound freight. Your business world can grow to new markets with TPN XPort. And it’s just as easy to use as any other consignment method. Just use TPN Connect to make your booking. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our IT infrastructure is called TPN Connect. Due to Hallam Express’ collaboration with TPN, we can avail ourselves of this high-tech system. It allows consignment end-to-end tracking via a central portal. It is comprehensive and covers everything from tracking to label printing. Order all repeat shipments easily from the portal itself. Not only can you track the whole journey, but we can monitor our KPIs. This is how we know our service is superior with low lateness, loss and damage rates


Trailer (Single Deck)
Trailer (Double Deck)



What happens on delivery?

We operate a kerbside delivery for all pallets. This means your goods are delivered to the nearest flat and hard surface at the destination address. We’ll never leave a parcel on unsteady gravel or behind a locked gate. Your recipient will sign for the parcel and take over ownership of the consignment from that point.

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What if my pallet is oversized?

We have special services for oversized freight. Our partner, TPN offers TPN XL – a dedicated, capacity-managed service for unusual or bulky palletised freight. Innovatively, they have a two-phase system for freight. Standard palletised freight is handled at night and bulky freight is handed during the day by a dedicated team. This gives it the expertise it requires to deliver it within pre-arranged windows.