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What is a The Pallet Network?

The Pallet Network (TPN) is a conglomerate of over 100 different haulage companies. The local operators work together to ensure efficient coverage over the whole of the UK. It comprises two regional hubs. The northern hub is near Preston and handles palletised freight for northern postcodes. This is very efficient, improving the pallets’ carbon footprint. It handles around 300k pallets per year. The 2nd hub is in Northampton with an 8k/night capacity.

They are very cost-effective. Hubs cut miles from each journey, so less fuel, fewer emissions, and road wear results. It’s estimated that the northern hub reduced 200 miles off each pallet’s journey in 2017. Those figures are only set to improve. TPN also won 2019’s pallet network of the year award, so you can be confident the service is top-shelf. With a larger focus on going green than ever before, switching to Hallam Express makes business sense.

The Hub & Spoke Model

Modern distribution is more efficient under the hub and spoke model. The hub and spoke resembles a bike wheel. Parcels are collected from a location on the outer wheel and carried along a spoke to the central hub. At the hub, it’s scanned and sent along its destination spoke. This means none of the spokes (transit vehicles) ride across each other’s path, so it’s more efficient.

The fuel savings and time savings of a hub and spoke model are massive. For companies looking to go green, you simply cannot afford traditional shipping any longer. The cost of traditional A to B transit is just too high when it comes to the carbon footprint. Hub and spoke is the model of the future. And it’s only improving as technology evolves.

Additional Services

If you have extra-large or bulky, freight; let us manage it with TPN XL. This unique service reserves the daytime sorting for unusual carriage. That way, all hands on deck are able to service and route those large pallets personally. It’s a dedicated service that gives your pallets the attention they deserve.

TPN XPort allows the shipment to 27 countries across Europe and Scandinavia. This is enabled through collaboration with GEFCO. So, we can have the same guaranteed transit times and regular services as we offer with domestic freight. TPN XPort opens up the world for your pallets. Best of all, it’s just as simple to use TPN Xport as any of our domestic shipments. Simply use TPN Connect to book your consignment and watch the wheels of this massive machine turn.

TPN Connect is the IT backbone of Hallam Express’ collaboration with TPN. It is the system which allows every consignment end-to-end tracking. This portal allows for quick ordering and printing of labels, too. Once you’re registered on the system, repeat shipments are a breeze. You’ll have the confidence of knowing where your parcel is at every stage of its journey. For us, we can track our KPIs to ensure your pallets are arriving at the right time and in pristine condition, every time.


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What happens on delivery?

We operate a kerbside delivery for all pallets. This means your goods are delivered to the nearest flat and hard surface at the destination address. We’ll never leave a parcel on unsteady gravel or behind a locked gate. Your recipient will sign for the parcel and take over ownership of the consignment from that point.

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What if my pallet is oversized?

We have special services for oversized freight. Our partner, TPN offers TPN XL – a dedicated, capacity-managed service for unusual or bulky palletised freight. Innovatively, they have a two-phase system for freight. Standard palletised freight is handled at night and bulky freight is handed during the day by a dedicated team. This gives it the expertise it requires to deliver it within pre-arranged windows.