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What is a Warehousing?

Warehousing, at its most simplistic form, is simply high-tech storage. Just like a garage or shed, a warehouse is a place to put goods. But advancements in systems and corporate requirements means that warehouses are more developed than ever before. Many are climate controlled, monitored by CCTV and allow for direct loading and unloading.

Couldn’t you have your own warehouse? Well, of course, you could. But it’s prohibitively expensive for most businesses. In order to ship goods quickly and efficiently to your customers, most businesses operate one or more warehouses (depending on customer location). By contracting with shared warehouse space, companies can enjoy the scale of a large business without paying through the nose. It’s also a more green solution as all space is maximised and nothing is wasted.

Built-in Distribution Through the Pallet Network

We mentioned EU, UK and international distribution. That’s because it’s baked into our service. Together with our partners The Pallet Network (TPN), we can offer end-to-end shipping across multiple time zones. Just like with domestic service, your pallets are tracked from pickup to delivery. This is enabled by the TPN Connect platform. Once you’ve made one booking, you can easily order more collections all from the same portal. It couldn’t be easier.

If you have bulky and oversized freight, TPN has a bespoke service for this called TPN XL. This means your large freight is handled during the day by a dedicated team of specialists. It’s more efficient and performed with care. Unlike other providers, Hallam Express and TPN welcome bulky freight. Standard pallets run through the hub at night while oversized is handled during the day. It’s great for improving efficiency

Benefits of Hallam Express Warehousing

First, we offer a variety of storage options. The right one for you will depend on your business requirements:

● Short-term: a simple solution for customers looking to stem seasonal peaks and high demand
● Long-term: a useful option for customers needing a central hub for keeping goods year-round
● Distribution: an order-picking function which provides stock control for delivery to end consumers

These options come with a few key benefits:

● Manned and secure facility for loss control.
● Flexible contracts, never pay for more than you need.
● Order-picking & distribution with expert care and quality control.
● Vehicle housing for HGV’s and other transport vehicles.
● Housed loading/unloading so your goods are protected.
● Stock control with full tracking & delivery confirmation for peace of mind.
● Variable quantities for a pay as you go option.
● Dedicated or shared space, allowing all sizes of companies to benefit.
● Domestic, EU & International network of distribution built into the model.

First, choose your flexible plan and service options. Don’t worry if you need to scale up later on, that’s always an option. Then determine the add-ons you require like picking and packing. Then, determine how much space is required and if that will be dedicated. Lastly, choose to opt for distribution for a seamless consumer experience. Regardless of your requirements, there’s a plan that will work for your business.


Trailer (Single Deck)
Trailer (Double Deck)



What happens on delivery?

We operate a kerbside delivery for all pallets. This means your goods are delivered to the nearest flat and hard surface at the destination address. We’ll never leave a parcel on unsteady gravel or behind a locked gate. Your recipient will sign for the parcel and take over ownership of the consignment from that point.

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What if my pallet is oversized?

We have special services for oversized freight. Our partner, TPN offers TPN XL – a dedicated, capacity-managed service for unusual or bulky palletised freight. Innovatively, they have a two-phase system for freight. Standard palletised freight is handled at night and bulky freight is handed during the day by a dedicated team. This gives it the expertise it requires to deliver it within pre-arranged windows.